About Us

We are not in an era of changes, but in a change of an era. Those who are not capable to reinterpret this new digital ecosystem will find themselves in a growing competitive disadvantage.

ISDI is the worldwide leader in digital education, helping professionals, entrepreneurs, enterprises and institutions to close the competitive gap to the digital era.

We are confident that by doing this we will help humanity to find the way to positively manage this transition and thus contribute to build a more fair, transparent and equal world for our children.

For Companies

Take advantage of a hands-on learning experience with our ad- hoc training, which is based on your business needs with Salesforce´s exclusive trial environment. 

Train your teams in the various clouds of the platform. We customize the training by adapting it to the needs and dimensions of your company. 

For Individuals

Discover the Salesforce ecosystem, the #1 CRM on the market. At ISDI you will find a wide range of training designed to help you obtain the official certifications and learn how to use the tools of the platform. 

What is the importance of a Salesforce certification?


  • Increase your employability, there is a huge demand for certified employees.
  • Improve your skills to become more efficient.
  • You will always be updated with new products and updates. 
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